Porsche 914 cableshifter DIY

My Cable shift kit for the Porsche 901 tail shift transmission

This is now a DO IT YOURSELF webpage!

Features: - A short throw shifter for quick shifting
- Stock side to side shifting motion to maintain resolution between gears
- A spring return to center for "2nd-3rd",
- Dead stops at "1st-Rev" and "4th-5th"
- Shift cables pass through the firewall via the existing shift rod hole, no cutting is required to install.
- Shifter mechanism securely mounts to the tail shifter using three nuts.
- Available cables are rated 310 degrees F. to withstand heat from the engine, and are sealed against weather.
    This was basically an experiement to determine the feasiblity of a cable shifted 901.
    Running problem free since July '02
    Click pics for the enlarged view



The shifter is located in plane with the steering wheel, so its at a
comfortable distance and inches away from where your hand is on the wheel.

dead stops on shifter.jpg

My design covers the stock heater control, this can be easily avoided
by mounting the shifter closer to the passenger seat. I needed the room for
my pipes. My heater valve is poking through the carpet.

Prototype Motion1

Prototype Motion2

Shifter still under construction


Shows mounting of shift mechanism to tail shifter.



Parts List:
(1) Shifter mechanism w. knob from Mitsubishi (95 Eclipse?) $10
(2) Push Pull Cable 3125K94
McMasterCarr.com (the cables im using)
High temp, Small bend radius, High load capacity Push Pull Cable 1407K75
McMasterCarr.com (##Replaces above item##)
(6) Hime Joint 8405K31
McMasterCarr.com or local hardware store

Perhaps my next design will include a reverse lockout.

Im also thinking of making a Cable Shifter for the Side shift 901.

The information on this page is free to everyone, but if someone wants to sell
my design, know that you will be haunted by bad Karma