Subaru 2.7 flat 6, porsche 914 engine conversion

This is an update to my 1.8 subaru turbo 4 project

For details on my cooling system, heater, cableshifter, and all my previous revisions, click the above link.

8/19/02 NEW ENGINE! I found a Subaru XT6 2.7 Liter Engine on ebay. Supposedly, it has High Performance cams, bored out throttle body, high compresssion pistons, and has only 1000 miles since being rebuilt. I took it for a drive after the auction and decided to buy it. The engine and accessories were $710. The ECU, exhaust, wire harness cost me an extra 125.

The heads on this engine are kinda cheesy. There are 4 exhaust ports for six cylinders. The fuel injection uses a hot wire flow sensor which is prefered over the flapper door style. The alternator is a 90 Amp unit.

8/31/02 Picked up my motor, it fit in the back of my Accord with the backseat removed.


9/09/02 Spent the weekend in Arizona.

9/11/02 Been taking my time to do things right. I made a bracket to hold down the coil rather than just having it zip tied. Replaced the plastic fuel lines with steel. Ran heavy gauge wire for my alternator. Made a secure bracket for my throttle cable. Spent about 2 days working on my wiring harness, used sheilded cable for the low volatge signal wires and amphenol quick disconnect plugs. Exhaust is two glass packs ($21/each), and later I added a 911 muffler ($50 thanks Brad). Air filter & adapter is aftermarket for a Toyota Previa, bought on ebay for 10 bucks. I used a spring reinforced hose to be sure the cooling lines weren't colapsing.

9/12/02 Got my motor running just in time for the big 9/14 event. I drove it for about 40 mins to check out the cooling system. On my way home, I decided I would gas it to see what she will do. Well, something broke... I thought I had broken another ring and pinon, but ended up just being a busted CV joint.

anyways heres some pics of what a 914 w/ a 2.7 liter subaru looks like.

The intake boot (pic above) interfered with the trunk springs, so I installed gas shocks (donateded from my neighbor, thanks Jim)

Motor mount bar & shift cables.


Added a rain tray and rain sheild for my airfilter.

Aftermarket gauges, the oil pressure sender has an oil light output, and gauge output. Red indicator light illuminates when the cooling fan is running, the switch next to it runs the fan in automatic or always on.

Faster button does not do anything.... yet =)

Update, 914 has been sold

Here are some pics and videos from my for sale ad:

these pics were taken Sept 17, 2006. Click here for full resolution pics

here is the battery tray area, a common problem area on 914s. The tray was removed to make room for the air filter. The sheet metal is rusted, but the frame underneath is fine.

How to swap your 914 motor with the Subaru EA82 Turbo flat 4
My cable shift kit for Porsche 901, soon available on ebay
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