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File names are as follows: Rollnumber_Framenumber_description.jpg

I used Kodak 800 speed film almost exclusively which makes some pictures a bit
grainy, but other pictures wouldn't have been possible with 100 speed.

I used an HP negative scanner to scan many of my pics. It really makes a huge difference!

Wednesday 5-23: Arrived in Munich around 5pm, and hitched a ride with people I met on the plane down to a small southern town in Bavaria named Fussen. I wandered around, walking down the train tracks with all my luggage till midnight, I finally realized all the hostles in the area were full. I ended up staying at hotel Sonne in Fussen for about $50. Day 1, 32 hours w/o sleep.


I woke up at about 5am so I wandered around Fussen for a while shooting film.



Hohenschwangau and Neuschwansteins castle in Fussen, Bavaria, Southern Germany



Paintings inside the castle are painted directly on the walls, rather than on canvas. They date back to the romantic period, and none of the paintings depict bloodshed.






Here Im deciding whether to go to Salzburg, or Frankfurt. The trains leave at the same time.




5-24-01 Arrived in Salzburg and stayed at the International Youth Hotel (YoHo) for around 10 bucks. Shared a dorm room with 18 people, but it was very comfortable and reasonably quiet. The bar there was pretty lively, spent the night talking with all the Aussies and kiwis. Tried Stiegel beer, very nice.


If you click the picture below (8 Megapixles) you can see the chess board in the picture above.




I noticed this roll of flim, actually all the film developed at Costco seemed rather lack luster. I had some reprinted on Kodak paper and there is definitely a big difference.




Probably the most beautifully decorated church Ive seen in Europe. The


From Salzburg I headed to Munich to swap clothes from my suitcase which was in a locker, then headed to Frankfurt. I stayed at the Haus der Jugend, very nice hostle, with a cool group of college students. It was about $15 per night. We all went out looking for clubs but ended up just hanging out at the pubs.


5-26-01 The next day I took the romantic road bus tour back to Munich. It makes about 5 stops at the little towns including Rothenburg, and Wurzburg. I was sooo tired, and the bus ride was 12 hours, I ended up getting off and taking the train back to Munich. But heres the pictures along the Romantische Strasse.







These doughnuts were kinda gross, but they looked really good.


The smart cars, designed by swatch, powered by mercedes


After my nap on the train, I arrived in Munich. I stayed at the Euro Youth Hotel (#31 in lonely planet), it was about $15 per night. I met up with a group of hella cool people, Mitch, Woje, Anna, and Catherine. We all shared a room at the hostel and became really good friends. I let them borrow my iron and they burned though about 3 pieces of clothing cause the iron was set at 120v. Woje was lamenting his purchase of two right shoes in Italy.


The next morning the girls went to church and the guys went to the Deutches Museum. Very cool museum, we only had about 2 hours there, but we saw everything we wanted to see. I shot about 2 rolls of film there. Below is a picture of a Luftwaffe plane recovered in 1983 from the lake of Starnberg.





We were walking back from the museum, and we all suffering from allergies. Our sniffeling somehow got interpreted as "We want to buy some cocaine". So I'd like to share the international (German anyway) sign for "would you like to buy some cocaine".


We met up with the girls and headed to Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp. It was pretty depressing. I took quite a few pictures, but you really have to be there to experience it. " If there is a god, he will have to beg my forgiveness"




"I do not know whether the reader can picture to himself the sight of 250 tattered straw palliasses and as many pillows, plus 400 covers, not to mention odd pieces of furniture and personal possessions lying in a disordered mass in the filth and rain; how these same during the one-hour pause in work all must be cleared away, the beds made, rooms swept and dusted and the block road similarly cleaned of each tiny whisp of straw... " Jean Bernard






We all ate at a resturant in the Marianplatz. It had to have been the most expensive meal on my whole trip. I spent about six dollars just on little .2liter bottles of water. Pretzels that were on the table, most people would think they are complementary, they charged us for each one. But still had a great time :)



Well, had to say goodbye to my new friends and start my tour. The guys invited me to join them in renting a car and heading up north, and the girls were headed to Prague. I had no idea Munich Airport was 40 minutes from Munich Ostbahnhof, I caught my flight to London 5 minutes before boarding. I took the underground to the Royal National Hotel in London, where the Contiki tour starts. Had to get up at 6am to weigh our luggage, and hop on the bus. Below is a picture from the ferry leaving the white cliffs of Dover, GB.


A quick tour of Paris from the bus.


Our first stop on the Contiki tour. They had snails and Champaign out for us to try. They added some pesto to make the snails extra green.



The camp was out in the middle of nowhere, but supposedly still considered Paris. The Contiki "illumination tour" of Paris was Paris illuminated by sunlight. A group of about 12 of us skipped the bus ride back to camp and toured Paris together all night checking out the shops, sights, and cafes. We took the subway back to camp.



5-30-01 Touring Paris. This is the center of Paris (according to maps).


The elevator runs through the spiral staircase, it looks really cool because the elevator is not suspended by cables.


The Mona Lisa, an entire room is dedicated for this one painting deemed the most famous painting.



The busiest intersection viewed from the Eifel Tower.




A night of fun, Chocolate body butter and a shot gun ( Aussie for beer bong ), who would have thought to pack that?



Wine tasting in France. You got to taste one glass of wine, if you liked it, it was 2 bucks a bottle. The winery makes a special wine with the grape leftovers, it's a very potent alcohol, they put a viper in the bottle. Only one person is allowed to sell it, when she dies, the winery can no longer sell it. Traditionally, harvesting is done by volunteers who are paid in wine, a glass per row of grapes harvested.



After a long ass hike we made it to the top of the world for our piknik. This hike probably took us an hour each way.


Roman Aquaducts in France... Does this mean it flows all the way to Rome? This is one of the stops that cant be made with just a rail pass.




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