Eric and Aarons Trip to Prague 11.23.02

Equipment used:

- Canon Eos Elan
- Tamaron AF 19-35mm f3.5-4.5
- Sigma 28-105mm f2.8-4 Aspherical
- Quantary 70-300 f4-5.6 1:2 macro
- Canon 50mm 1.8
- Kodak 800 speed film, used almost excluusively.
- HP negative scanner
- Sony DSC-P50 Point and shoot Digital Camera.

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You must play The Ketchup Song , Dilemma and Objection

11.23.02 Our flight was pretty painless, each seat had a tv, and Aaron and I hung out at the back of the plane talking to some of the other passengers.

11.24.02 Took Die Bahn to Stuttgart and went to the Porsche museum. They didn't seem to know anything about the daily two hour tours advertised on their website, and of the 180+ cars they have, only 20 are displayed at one time. Their brocure reads; Porsche won 1st 2nd and 3rd place in the 1970 Marathon de la Route, and a third 1st place win for the 911 in the same year. Aaron and I found it funny how they avoid mentioning it was the 914 that won 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Porsche Museum

Porsche museum2

We stayed at "the" youth hostle in Frankfurt for 17 Euros. I was awake at 2am and talked with Johannes at the front desk all morning. German youth after graduating high school must serve for 10 months in social service, or 6 months in the military. They make 1.5 Euro an hour working for the hostle! Johannes said he has a girlfriend in Reno.



Germany had good Turkish food! Strips of chicken??? were cut off from the rotisserie in the background, mixed with veggies and yogurt and put in a thick pita bread.


11.25.02 Went to Munich to see the Deutches muesum (again).

Pivot for swept Wing Fighter, a model is shown in the background.

Delerously tired, Aaron and I at the Munich Hauptbahnhof, waited 6 hours for the night train to Prague. The "couchette" was prettty comfortable and we got our first good night sleep. It was funny how the train would slow down to a crawl around some turns, this was because the turns were banked the wrong direction. Looking out the window we could see the horizon shifting quite a bit.

11.25.02 The outskirts of Prague look pretty rough, like something out of a WW2 movie. We were bombarded with people asking us if we had accomadations as soon as we got off the train. It was quite a challenge to find a working pay phone in Prague, one day I tried 11 phones in a row before finding one that worked. Phones are the only thing we found to be expensive in Prague, they were about a dollar a minute.

Prague trainstation


Sharka (the aupar we met in California over the summer) showed us around the whole time we were in Prague. She thought it was funny we were using a tram ticket for dogs (as opposed to adult fare). We also learned you can call a boy younger than yourself a Vitamin.

Sarka & Aaron

Tea house

A tea and hukka house, their menu of teas was about 30 pages. When you are seated they give you a call bell to ring when you are ready to order. Sarka says this is where people go on dates to "taste heads". We didn't see a single starbucks or gas station in Prague. This is what typical rooms look like, walls in buildings are typically 8" thick concete.

Tea house inside no flash

Tea house inside

Wine bottle lamp

Aaron and I stayed at Ritchies hostle , which was right in the middle of Prauge, about a block from Old town Square and a block from Charles Bridge. It cost us about 15 bucks a night, and most of the time we had our 4 bed room to ourselves. One night we had a roomie named Raul from UK who bought a house in Bulgaria for 30k pounds, he was planning on getting "extremely drunk" that night. Aaron I wandered around, and found a small pub that was open by Charles bridge, the people there were really friendly. The owner showed us the water marks from the flood and even gave us about 20 postcards that show the damage.

flood level

The high water mark is painted in black above the door. The 2002 floods were the worst floods in history.

View from Charles bridge at night

Prague castle at night

Astronomical Clock

Store window

Window shopping in Prague

Candle Shop

Panoramic view of Prage

This is a series of 6 pictures I stiched together using Canon photostich. I intentionally left the picture uncropped so you can see how the program compensates for the curved wide angle perspective.

Just about every chruch had some sort of oprah, choir, or orchestra playing. From up in the clock tower we could hear music from around the old town square.



Concert hall

Aarons Favorite Resturant

Cake and cider

The food was soo good here, we couldn't help but take a picture of every meal.

Typical Czech breakfast

Aarons meal card

We went to a buffet, where each item you eat, you get a stamp on your card. So this is a picture of Aarons card with 8 meals on it!

Snow boards for sale at the local grocery store.

Toothbrush store

This is a store that just sells toothbrushes. I can't imagine a place like this would survive in America.


Bakery with assortments of fresh croussants, chocolate, coconut, cherry, almond...


Beer for 12 Kr, or around 30 cents.

Oops, Ive been corrected... " 12 means the value of the beer in degrees. (12 is good) The price is beneath. " So beer is around 40 cents.


Charles bridge view

inside bridge tower

Kareokee bar

Czech girls singing

Mostly Czech songs were being sung, but all types of American music was played, REM Shining happy people, Nelly, Phil Collins, John Travolta (grease), ...

Eternal Flame

painting I bought

me and Sarka

The heart lit up in the background was a gift from the President of the Czech Republic as a thanks to the people for having him in office.

Towing cars in Prague

Jewish museum

This was part of the "Musemum of an extinct race" built by the Nazis during WW2. Other parts of the museum depcit typical rooms and furnature inside Jewish houses and Synagogues.

Hannah & Laura

People we met that were from SF


Cafe serving hot wine

Desperado: beer with tequilla

Some people I had been talking to at the hostel in Frankfurt. They had been drinking beer for 23 hours, they were in frankfurt to see a "No Angels" concert.

breakfast beer

Earlier in the morning this guy had approached us looking for a washboard. He was really rude, so this girl told him to F off. While we were eating breakfast, he came up and grabbed her throat and started yelling, don't talk to arab like that! I guess he couldn't handle a woman putting him in his place. There were 4 Austrian Sschwarzenegger types ready to give him a good beat down.

Frankfurt hostle

Security checkpoint at Frankfurt

Somehow I managed to rub all the ink off my airline ticket. So after waiting an hour for them to print a new ticket, and waiting in line at the security checkpoint, Aaron and I were among the last four people on the flight!

painting I bought

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